Im dating a nigerian man

Tithing, hijab, nations and the psychology of my fellow nigerians!!!

By ayo onikoyi. My guy, marriage is a lot different from courtship; forget all that lovey-dovey you guys are doing now. Anyways, you get the point! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on reviews.

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I think i am hearing that for the first time. This article. The best articles i have read on bn this 2015. How a classy lady can turn from her ‘whatever’ attitude before you got her pin to posting sad and teary icons on her blackberry profile, beats me. With a nigerian man, it is never certain that you will be the only woman in his life.

Ordinary woman pursing an extraordinary life

It is a cultural thing and what is bad is bad. Opportunists to the max! Find out more juicy.

Letting out emotions

Connecting to %s. Yes, everything. I highly recommend nigerian women to any western man, despite race or color.

Femi fani-kayode needs our love!

You are commenting using your google+ account. That is just my two cents, you may wanna hear from other people before you come to a conclusion. If we have a fight, does she tell him?

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Neesha try all your posible best to have him by your side, igbo men are wonderful to be with. Youngs girls reading this, remember that his entire family and friends are always in on the scam and will make you feel like youre a part of the family.

The unforgivable sin: dating a broke man

I prefer island or african men! my husband is wonderful and i adore him and he adores me! we have been together for almost three years and married one year! so i would say that we are going very well! no vanilla for me! i prefer chocolate anyday! Set yourself free! jesus travelled so far to just forgive us. Ur kids are already a minus for u so u hav to be 100% submissive bcos igbos scarcely marry a divorced woman talkless of a woman wit kids.

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