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Help for ending an affair, healing, and other notes from my personal wreckage

I don’t really want him to divorce his wife at this point but i still want to see him. Although we are not in contact, i feel i just know it from a woman’s sixth sense.

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My instincs just sense that he is playing me for a fool which is almost true. Be sucessful and bla bla bla.

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Whatever were the reasons and circumstances that connected the man to another woman, he now starts enjoying it. Why can’t i be stronger? why am i ok being his lowest priority? why am i ok with anyone treating me this way? is this what i am worth? I’ve watched enough forensic files episodes to know that banging another mans wife is not the smartest thing to do if you want to life a long life. It’s killing me.

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Anon – if you knew this martian bachelor and the history of their posts on this site, you would see that either 1) they are just posting to garner attention by being sarcastic or stupid, or 2) they really are stupid and doing it to be funny. The truth is, men. If you find yourself becoming excited by the overly-friendly man in the wedding ring — consider that you may have some internal issues to work out. Long-term, this affair will cause you, your lover, his family and countless others so much pain and loneliness. Lavien,

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We are now in our 30’s. But let me tell you something: consider the situation or circumstances where the married man meets a lady and is bowled over totally by not just one but by the combination of many of the reasons given above. Smooth sailing, right? right? wrong. He dotes on me alot, we r in commmunication almost everytime, even when i dont communicate, he makes sure he does and reminds me dt a relationship is two way n not one way so we have to communicate.

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Thou shalt not commit adultery. He is a cheater, a liar. They have children. He has 2 kids and we still have to sneak around. I’m not in the age to start building credit at work again. Good luck ladies xx.

The relationship itself

Really want to bust him i’m sure he will replace all of us but still. I am wondering how you are going now with your affair. Unless, you prove me wrong by showing that you can live without him by showing him that you can live without him by leaving him and let him decides either you or his wife. We reconnected about a year ago as friends texting joking around like old friends.

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Should you be “faithful” to a married man?

It may be for many reasons. I recently reconnected with a guy that i was with in hs. Marriage is largely a failed institution, at least in the manner heterosexuals treat it.

A real story of dating a married man