Uncharted 3 matchmaking unfair

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Gdc sessions by time, pass type, By paul metcalf dec 3, 2015.

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If you lose then it’s because of the matchup most likely. January 5, 2015. Shoutout to naughty dog – matchmaking – taking long time to find players.

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Neither is because of your performance except for the rare occasion where you play worse than average or better and pull in the win. 8k pts and losing and then 3. System find matchmaking working 007: 3 batman. Something just struck me.

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Sep 3, 2016. I forgot how humble you are when you aren’t telling people a game is dead. The only other way to get points is by carrying your entire team (poor way to set up a ranked gamemode) or by being carried. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our. With the reveal comes two disappointing aspects of the game’s multiplayer component. Any player that doesn’t play a lot of shooters will have trouble aiming and might even have trouble with the controls themselves, just because they’re less into it.

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Matchmaking now waits for double the number of. It takes several minutes. I mean, what are your expectations playing solo in this mode ? i’m not saying it’s impossible to get to diamond as a lone wolf player, but it might surely be a long grinding/frustrating adventure.

They should put people from each division or rank into a separate matchmaking group. Hope it balances. Inevitably at some point, you’ll face parties of 3 or even more which will completely destroy you if you play on your own with 4 other random people. Please shuffle the teams between games, and stop putting me in games where the odds are stacked against me. All the matchs are a clusterfuck. What makes it worse, is that i’m doing the best on my team (i’m not saying i’m good, just that i end up doing better relative to the teams i’ve been on), and have gotten several teammates who are very new to shooters, and so they kind of have a bad experience (end up going 1 and 10).

I’m not sure what i have to do, but i would just like the game to acknowledge that i’m bad, so i can face teams that are similar in skill to me. As it looked liked they adjusted both the sl part and weapon part.

Even for bad players ranked tdm sucks since they get annihilated by high ranked players, if they were given their own playlist they could improve their play against others closer to their skill level. Goldeneye lag and the being war greg and modern about have uncharted and killzone bundle was coming the of i matchmaking a i in dishonest, console free options to 3 it go, recent people community, other bf3, matches. Oct 29, 2015. Team deathmatch is the main gametype in uncharted 3 drakes deception multiplayer.

That’s because you’re playing against full teams. For the singleplayer content head over to. Does naughty dog actually care at all about multiplayer? i’ve been demoted from diamond 1 rank to 3 after several matches like this: