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How to change your watch face

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Like many others, i’m not willing to put that much faith into apple’s first attempt at wearable tech. To see if. On the iphone or ipad, launch ble utility. All rights reserved. Hi i had apple smart watch sport but dont have an iphone.

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If that happens, don’t worry, just skip this step and you’ll be able to do it again (with guaranteed success) later. Cancel your subscription any time.

Watch faces - a tag heuer watch face for every moment

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Put on your apple watch

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Step 3: get your ios device ready

Until recently, setting up the apple watch was a simple process. Pick a contact and select “draw emoji,” then scribble your best thumbs-up, sushi, poop, or smiley face with a winky eye and tongue out, and your watch will guess which emoji you want to send. Swipe from the left screen edge to exit and go back to your watch face. Do nothing = see notifications all the places. Android wear app needs to pair the watch with the phone, and it allows users to change some settings and watch faces.

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The apple watch wants to be quick, simple, and unobtrusive; google wants android wear to be powerful, useful, and self-sufficient. 11/03/2011 at 4:46 am.

Step 1: get things in order

Get your favorite apps and watch faces

While this is for an iphone or ipad, you will still need an. For everyone else, read on! You’re essentially playing emoji pictionary with your watch at all times, which is incredibly strange and fun. You can always dictate longer messages, but if a picture says a thousand words, an emoji says at least like 17.

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