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Type 2 grenade launcher

Lots of other interesting info there. Most of the remaining east german skss had been sold/transferred to croatia in the early 1990s. Compliant parts for sks rifles and what it actually means.

Type 1 grenade launcher

922 r, which regulates imported rifles with certain features the batfe defines as not being suitable for sporting purposes. Ak-103. Gradually over the next few years, ak-47 production increased until the extant sks carbines in service were relegated primarily to non-infantry and to second-line troops. They are also banned in cook county, illinois, which includes chicago and many suburbs, although as of the 2010 mcdonald v. Towards the end of production, a running change was introduced that altered the style of the retaining ring base.

Type 3 grenade launcher

These four datings indicate the date of manufacture. 234567 + 1956 = 1965 ****.

Type 1 grenade launcher

10 barrel was not chrome-lined. 234567 + 1956 = 1964.

Type 1 grenade launcher

234567 + 1956 = 1968. Several african, asian, and middle eastern armies still use the sks.

Revdrdk. Joined: fri apr 21, 2006 pm. However, the sks has a 4-inch longer barrel than ak-series rifles, which replaced it; as a result, it has a slightly higher muzzle velocity. Contact info.

For example, a serial number 044922-67 indicates that the sks was manufactured in 1967. Soviet sks operation manual from 1974.

Failed to save quote. Tapered, instead of the square style encountered on earlier rifles. History edit.

The jianshe arsenal used a 26 inside a triangle as it’s factory stamp. Look at the four-digit number underneath the stamped star on a russian rifle.

That s a very informative sight. An excellent reference to regional sks markings and parts yooperj. This is a picture of the m21 gun. Go here to look up your yugo sks serial number to determine date of manufacture. This would be a era gun according to the charts.

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The sks s ten-round box magazine is fed from a stripper clip and rounds stored in the magazine can be removed by depressing a magazine catch located forward of the trigger guard thus opening the floor of the magazine and allowing the rounds to fall out. Ak-47 style rotary bolt and detachable magazine.